Marc Blazejowski: Experience the Action of a Boston Bruins Hockey Game!

There are fewer sports in the world today that can compare to the action that hockey can provide. With fist fights happening in a high number of games, people enjoy the adrenaline and the constant action of one of the few sports played on ice. For people in the Boston area, the hockey team to root for is the Boston Bruins. Founded in 1924, this team is still around, and still just as active in the National Hockey League as before.

In 1924, the National Hockey League was born and brought into the United States thanks to a grocery tycoon named Charles Adams. Living in Boston, he wanted a team in the city he loved. Thus, the Boston Bruins were born. Named for the old English word for “brown bear”, this new national team played with as much heart and force as their namesakes put forth. It wasn’t until 1929 that they really came into their own and started winning games.

After many ups and downs in their history; being bought and sold during the World War II era, expansions, and different upheavals, the Bruins built themselves into a team to be remembered. In 2008, they regained some of the respect they lost after some trying times with previous owners and managers, but they worked to get back on top. It was a slow crawl, but one that can be respected.

Nowadays, after a Stanley Cup win and a few other trips to the playoffs, the Bruins are building a reputation that was dirtied for a few years. They still draw crowds to their games, and there is still as much action in them as there was before. Marc Blazejowski has been a fan of the Bruins for many years, and he enjoys seeing them play, whether live or on television.


Marc Blazejowski: Social Workers Can Provide Help, Support, and Just the Right Amount of Encouragement

For people who want to become social workers, there is a pull to want to help people who are in need of it the most. There are different areas of social work, and whatever field that a social worker picks will depend upon what they feel their strengths are, what they want to do, and who they want to help.

There are social workers who work with inner-city children who have perhaps grown up in unfortunate circumstances and need guidance. These social workers will work to help them see that they are worth everything that they do with their lives will not be wasted, and set them on a path of success. For children, it is important they understand that they are capable of doing whatever it is that they dream of. Sometimes, encouragement is all they need.

Another branch of social work deals with patients who are suffering from terminal illnesses. These patients are often in need of hope and something to look forward to during their medical treatments. Social workers can provide them with counseling to ease their minds and nerves while also helping them to look forward to a life beyond this illness. It is a way to help them when perhaps there are no other ways to.

Social work is a tough job. It can be emotionally taxing because a number of hardships they come up against when helping patients or children can be daunting. But those brave souls who go into the field are certainly the best ones to help people. Marc Blazejowski is a retired police officer who is now working toward becoming a social worker. He wants to work with the youth in his community and help to shape their futures. As a former policeman, he knows how much it takes to help those in the community, and he is willing to do just that.

Marc Blazejowski: Take a Vacation with Your Family to Bristol, Connecticut and Enjoy the Splendors of a Small East Coast Town

Visiting a new city on vacation is always a great way to see more of the United States while enjoying the vacation itself. There are plenty of places that are very popular on the East Coast, but if you want a different town to see and visit, take your family to Bristol, Connecticut. The city has roughly 60,000 people living in it.  But they are well located in the state, and even close enough to New York City that you can also visit there if you wanted to.

If you are into movies and the cinema, you and the family could visit Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum. Here, you can see many different figures from classic horror movies. With everything from Count Dracula to The Creature from the Black Lagoon, horror movie fans will get to walk up close to some of the scariest characters from movie history. Not only do they have life-sized figures, but you can also take a look at some other movie memorabilia they own.

If horror movies are not your favorite thing, do not worry, there are tamer attractions to visit. The American Clock and Watch Museum is a great place to visit for collectors of all types of timepieces. You can learn all about the history of American-made watches and see their collection of over 5,500 different clocks that were made in the United States over hundreds of years.

Visiting in the summer months is a great choice because you can then visit Lake Compounce. This outdoor amusement park is a great way for the whole family to let loose and enjoy their vacation time. The park is home to many different roller coasters, water attractions, and much more. This spot is a definite win for anyone looking to just have fun.

Marc Blazejowski, a retired Bristol police officer, has set his roots in this town, and he has always called it his home, for good reason. He enjoys everything it has to offer.

Marc Blazejowski: To Serve and Protect the Community is a Police Officer’s Job

Serving on the police force in any city is an honor that many people who are not officers cannot fully understand. The officers work to make sure the city they live in is as safe as it can be at all times of the day and night. Marc Blazejowski is a retired police officer from Bristol, Connecticut. He knows just what it takes to be a police officer and all the duties that come with the job.

Police officers and all other members of the force have sworn to protect the laws, peace and citizens of all cities they serve.  The Bristol Police Department, for example, has an exemplary history of work in the community and has been awarded a number of awards over the years.  Police work is one of the most difficult careers one can be in, and many officers work hard at becoming the best members of the force that they can be.

Officers know that their bodies and minds have to be sharp in order to successfully protect the city. It is important for officers to maintain a high level of physical conditioning, and they are offered many professional police clinics and specialized training to further tone their bodies. This ensures that they can pursue a suspect on foot if need be, and not suffer negative ramifications.

The police force is a highly commendable group of people who have a lot of bravery, dedication, and love for the cities they choose to protect. They take an oath and make sure to maintain it at all costs. Not everyone is brave enough to choose this line of work, and those that are, need to be appreciated more than they are. Thank a police officer the next time you see one. They will appreciate it as much as you appreciate the service they provide.

Marc Blazejowski: The Road to be a Nontraditional College Student

The difference between traditional college students and those that are nontraditional lie in the timing of their admittance and completion. Much criticism is made against the nontraditional community who don’t immediately attend and graduate college from high school, and little to no scholarships are available for those who attempt to join a college later in life. This is a sad fact, but unfortunately, as the cost of university tuition is rising annually, no change is being made to the amount of financial aid towards nontraditional students.

This needs to be changed, in order to allow more of America’s working class the ability to become better educated and better qualified. College is meant to be a place for all citizens of a nation to achieve and pursue a better academic standing, not just students who were fortunate enough to be granted that opportunity straight out of high school. In a world where things go wrong and some chances are meant for later in life, it is surprising that college institutions don’t support the nontraditional community in accomplishing a college degree.

Nontraditional students that are seeking higher education are doing so because they wish to better their lives and the lives around them. Marc Blazejowski, a former police officer from Bristol, Connecticut, is seeking to gain the education necessary to continue to serve his community through social work with underprivileged and troubled youth. His mission is exemplary of the need for more financial aid and scholarships for older prospects who are reaching for a better chance at life. Giving nontrads more opportunities to enter into college and earn a degree will make the nation more educated, and give people more opportunities to make a difference in their lives.

Setting Examples: A Brighter Future of Police Officers

Over the past several years, several traumatizing and controversial events have taken place involving the actions of police officers around the nation. Because of this, the nation is beginning to rally under the assumption that a police force is dangerous, and should not be used, because those that enlist as police officers are biased and unable to serve the law. These abuses of their authority have brought police officers a bad reputation, and as the tensions rise between the citizens of the United States, and the police officers that are obliged with protecting them, a dark future lies ahead if changes are not made.

Fortunately, while there are “bad cops” isolated around the police departments of the nation, many of them also have good hearts, and are fighting to make citizens understand that good hearts make great police officers. The media has a knack for emphasizing the few bad things that happen involving decisions of police officers, while leaving their good deeds and heroic achievements in the gravel, never to be seen or understood by the population. Saving people from fires, death, starvation, and protecting those who do not have the strength to be protected are what most of the police officers in the nation do, and these events should be highlighted.

A former police officer, Marc Blazejowski, is just one of the many officers that are fighting to make a difference for their communities. Although no longer servicing, he continues to protect his city of Bristol by getting the education needed to provide social work to troubled youth in his neighborhood that need the care and attention. With leaders like these men, the police forces around America will be given the chance to gain the support of their citizens, in order to work together and make the communities a safer place to live.

Marc Blazejowski Bristol Police Retirement

Marc Blazejowski is a retired police officer that proudly served in the Bristol Police Department. He was a well decorated office with a record of exemplary service and key acknowledgements tell the story of his career. Every police officer at least knows they will retire someday. It’s often the plot device for action movies. You know a cop’s last day before retirement, one last final case, one last chance to catch the one criminal that got away from him throughout his entire career.

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski

It’s not quite like that. It’s Hollywood after all. He does know that police officers need to plan early for retirement. As early as possible it’s important to look ahead, and it’s never too early. You don’t want to be in a position where you have regrets over setting aside money and investing. It might just be plain saving, but setting aside money can be the best bet you can make.

That’s because benefits around police departments around the country are changing and the pensions of old have changed quite a bit. You need to figure out what retirement means to you. Do you want to fully retire or work in a different capacity? Are you looking for a second career perhaps? One of the most important things you can do is make sure you have taken care of yourself financially as well as in terms of health.

There’s a bunch of reports out there that say many cops die within five years of retirement due to health. It’s debatable whether those things are true, but why take a chance? Work hard to keep your weight down, exercise regularly and get to know your health plans and what is available to you.