Marc Blazejowski is a Devoted Student

Marc Blazejowski is an accomplished and dedicated academic who has always pursued his studies with enthusiasm and heavy focus. In December of 2015 he will add two more college degrees to his list of experience in higher education. His enjoyment of studying is what drives him to be a good student, as Marc Blazejowski is an avid reader and loves to learn new things. Below is a list of degrees Marc Blazejowski has received and will receive.

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski

Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

Marc Blazejowski received his Associate’s of Science in Criminal Justice from Mitchell College in 1997.

He used this degree to pursue a career in the Bristol Police department, which he received shortly after his graduation. Marc Blazejowski recently retired from the Bristol Police after a decade long career, and is now furthering his studies.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Marc Blazejowski still holds true to the many values he exemplified throughout his duty as a police officer. He believes the best way to defeat criminals is through understanding how they think and how they develop. He wants to pursue a career that lines with his continued interests of keeping his community safe. Marc Blazejowski is set to receive his degree in December of 2015.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Marc Blazejowski hopes to mesh his many degrees into keeping his community safe and helping to provide a pleasant future. He is seeking a degree in social work so he can help troubled youth stay off the path of crime and keep them involved in positive and healthy activities. He is set to graduate with this degree in December 2015.


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