Marc Blazejowski: Bristol Native

Many people have a very close connection to the place where they were raised; however, Marc Blazejowski’s relationship with his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut is something special. He loves the community that he grew up in, and has devoted much of his life and professional career to giving back to his greater community. Marc Blazejowski is a home town legend in the eyes of his neighbors, a man who thinks there is no greater place on earth to live, and works to preserve that image.

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski grew up in Bristol as the oldest sibling in a family of five. He was very close with his parents, who were both baseball fans. He used to play catch with them and they would take him to baseball games on the weekends either to see Big East Teams play at Muzzy Field, or they would travel into Boston to see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park. When his two younger sisters were born, Marc Blazejowski imposed all his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport onto them, where they developed their own appreciation for baseball.

Marc Blazejowski became more educated and athletic throughout his time in Bristol academia. He excelled in his studies while also playing baseball for whatever school level he was attending at that time, whether it be middle school, high school or collegiate. After he got his Associate’s degree in 1999, Marc Blazejowski quickly entered the Bristol Police force, where he served and protected the community that raised him.


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