Marc Blazejowski Looks to Inspire Youth

Marc Blazejowski is an accomplished student and retired police officer who never stops looking for ways to preserve the beautiful Bristol community that raised him. He was raised, educated and employed by the City of Bristol, Connecticut; and with a long history of higher education and professional experience he seeks to take on new challenges in his area.

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski believes that children are the future, which is why he has decided to pursue further education so he can attain a position where he can be a positive role model in the development of Bristol’s youth. Marc Blazejowski is currently enrolled at Central Connecticut State University, where he is pursuing two Bachelor’s degrees: one in Criminology and one in Social Work.

With this achieved higher academia, Marc Blazejowski hopes to finish his studies in December of 2015 and enter the workforce, looking for ways that he can help the youth of his community develop into becoming productive and well mannered citizens. A person like Marc Blazejowski can approach this in many ways, especially considering his experience as a student, athlete and police officer. Marc Blazejowski has seen what happens to people when they take the wrong path, and he has arrested and charged many of them. Marc also knows the importance of staying in shape and practicing normal physical fitness so any energy, whether it be positive or negative, can be released and not bottled up in any way. And most importantly, Marc Blazejowski knows how crucial it is to be a good student.


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