Marc Blazejowski Bring Much to the Table in Helping Youth

Now that he has retired from a successful decade long career in the Bristol Police Department, Marc Blazejowski is back to the books, seeking two Bachelor’s degrees from Central Connecticut State University. He is studying Criminology and Social Work, two fields of expertise he plans to mesh in a career of aiding the development of youth in his community.

Marc Blazejowski believes children are the future, and it is best to maintain the presence of positive role models in their lives that can keep them out of dangerous activity and help mold them into productive and respectable citizens. Other than achieved success in higher academia, Marc Blazejowski brings other experiences that will come handy when helping influence the minds of young ones.

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski

Police Experience

Marc Blazejowski has seen what happens to people when they take the wrong path. For twelve years, he was putting those exact types of people in cuffs and cells. He knows how a life of drugs, violence and other destructive habits can spiral downward quickly, and has real-life stories and examples that will encourage kids to stay on the right path.


Marc Blazejowski believes that many destructive activities carried out by children and teenagers are the direct result of a lack of outlets for their energy, whether it is positive or negative. Marc Blazejowski was an accomplished baseball player throughout his middle school, high school and collegiate careers, a hobby he stayed dedicated to that safeguarded him from any damaging distractions. Marc Blazejowski can be a positive role model for youth through his physical prowess.


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