Marc Blazejowski Celebrates Family and Culture

Marc Blazejowski has always been very close to his family, and is much entwined in the Bristol community as a native who loves and serves the very place he came from. Marc Blazejowski believes that culture is important to every individual and that they should embrace the neighborhoods and cultures they come from so that others can learn about them and practice respect for them.

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski spent lots of time with his parents throughout his upbringing, going to baseball games and playing catch with each other. When his two younger sisters were born, Marc was already looking for ways to involve them in the favorite pastime of him and his parents. They eventually inherited Marc’s knowledge and enthusiasm for baseball, and the family of five often traveled to Fenway Park together to cheer on the Boston Red Sox.

Whenever they went into Boston, the Blazejowskis always made it a point to stop by their grandparents’ house. Marc Blazejowski was very close with both his grandma and grandpa, both of which taught him much about their Polish culture and their favorite things. His grandma was an excellent cook, and always had hearty and healthy meals prepared for the family. Marc Blazejowski grew some curiosity around the majesty of her cooking, and she ended up teaching him how to cook some of her recipes, which was the start of one of Marc’s favorite lifelong hobbies. His grandpa, on the other hand, was a huge football fan and namely a Chicago Bears fan, and instilled his love for both football and the Bears into Marc’s development.


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