Marc Blazejowski: Retired Police Officer

Marc Blazejowski is a highly dedicated and successful individual. He is a retired police officer who worked on the Bristol Police force within his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut. His work with the police department of Bristol, Connecticut was exemplary, and they rewarded Marc with a number of medals for his service. His dedication to keeping his hometown safe, secure, and a wonderful place to live is the foundation of his dedication on the police force. He was hired on by the police department in 1999 only a few years after graduating from Mitchell College with an undergraduate degree in criminal justice. He excelled in the police academy and began his work as a police officer in the year 2000. Eager to excel in all aspects of his life, he is currently working towards two degrees from Central Connecticut State University in social work and criminology.

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski

As a police officer, Marc Blazejowski was highly exceptional. He worked diligently to keep the city he loved so much safe and secure for all to enjoy. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal in November of 2003, the Life Saving Award in December of 2009, and numerous letters of accommodation from 2002 to 2010. He served on the police force as a patrol and traffic officer who had the reputation of being polite, courteous, and efficient in his duties by the community of Bristol. Before retiring, Marc Blazejowski was often looked up to by his peers as the best example of how to serve as a dedicated police officer.


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