Marc Blazejowski – Top Cop

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski is a retired police officer that worked for the Bristol Connecticut Police Department. His career was marked with a number of great achievements and he is proud of the department and the people behind it. The Bristol Police Department serves a population of just about 65,000 citizens and covers more than 27 square miles. Its sworn police officers and civilian personnel have protected the laws, peace and citizens of the city since 1893. The Bristol Police Department has an exemplary history of work in the community and has had a number of awards over the years. Blazejowski himself received a number of medals for his service and was recognized repeatedly. He started with the police force in 1999, shortly after graduated with a degree in criminal justice from Mitchell College.   Police work is one of the most difficult careers one can be in and Marc Blazejowski worked hard at becoming the best policeman he could possibly be. With the knowledge that his body and mind had to be as sharp as possible, he maintained a high level of physical conditioning and balanced that with a high degree of professional police clinics and specialized training. That kind of dedication came through time and time again as he was simply always prepared to serve the community to his fullest and maintain a level of safety throughout his tenure of citizens, property, police officer and order.   Today, he is pursuing a pair of advanced degrees from Central Connecticut State University in both criminology and social work.


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