Marc Blazejowski Bristol Police Retirement

Marc Blazejowski is a retired police officer that proudly served in the Bristol Police Department. He was a well decorated office with a record of exemplary service and key acknowledgements tell the story of his career. Every police officer at least knows they will retire someday. It’s often the plot device for action movies. You know a cop’s last day before retirement, one last final case, one last chance to catch the one criminal that got away from him throughout his entire career.

Marc Blazejowski

Marc Blazejowski

It’s not quite like that. It’s Hollywood after all. He does know that police officers need to plan early for retirement. As early as possible it’s important to look ahead, and it’s never too early. You don’t want to be in a position where you have regrets over setting aside money and investing. It might just be plain saving, but setting aside money can be the best bet you can make.

That’s because benefits around police departments around the country are changing and the pensions of old have changed quite a bit. You need to figure out what retirement means to you. Do you want to fully retire or work in a different capacity? Are you looking for a second career perhaps? One of the most important things you can do is make sure you have taken care of yourself financially as well as in terms of health.

There’s a bunch of reports out there that say many cops die within five years of retirement due to health. It’s debatable whether those things are true, but why take a chance? Work hard to keep your weight down, exercise regularly and get to know your health plans and what is available to you.


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