Marc Blazejowski: Social Workers Can Provide Help, Support, and Just the Right Amount of Encouragement

For people who want to become social workers, there is a pull to want to help people who are in need of it the most. There are different areas of social work, and whatever field that a social worker picks will depend upon what they feel their strengths are, what they want to do, and who they want to help.

There are social workers who work with inner-city children who have perhaps grown up in unfortunate circumstances and need guidance. These social workers will work to help them see that they are worth everything that they do with their lives will not be wasted, and set them on a path of success. For children, it is important they understand that they are capable of doing whatever it is that they dream of. Sometimes, encouragement is all they need.

Another branch of social work deals with patients who are suffering from terminal illnesses. These patients are often in need of hope and something to look forward to during their medical treatments. Social workers can provide them with counseling to ease their minds and nerves while also helping them to look forward to a life beyond this illness. It is a way to help them when perhaps there are no other ways to.

Social work is a tough job. It can be emotionally taxing because a number of hardships they come up against when helping patients or children can be daunting. But those brave souls who go into the field are certainly the best ones to help people. Marc Blazejowski is a retired police officer who is now working toward becoming a social worker. He wants to work with the youth in his community and help to shape their futures. As a former policeman, he knows how much it takes to help those in the community, and he is willing to do just that.


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