Marc Blazejowski: The Road to be a Nontraditional College Student

The difference between traditional college students and those that are nontraditional lie in the timing of their admittance and completion. Much criticism is made against the nontraditional community who don’t immediately attend and graduate college from high school, and little to no scholarships are available for those who attempt to join a college later in life. This is a sad fact, but unfortunately, as the cost of university tuition is rising annually, no change is being made to the amount of financial aid towards nontraditional students.

This needs to be changed, in order to allow more of America’s working class the ability to become better educated and better qualified. College is meant to be a place for all citizens of a nation to achieve and pursue a better academic standing, not just students who were fortunate enough to be granted that opportunity straight out of high school. In a world where things go wrong and some chances are meant for later in life, it is surprising that college institutions don’t support the nontraditional community in accomplishing a college degree.

Nontraditional students that are seeking higher education are doing so because they wish to better their lives and the lives around them. Marc Blazejowski, a former police officer from Bristol, Connecticut, is seeking to gain the education necessary to continue to serve his community through social work with underprivileged and troubled youth. His mission is exemplary of the need for more financial aid and scholarships for older prospects who are reaching for a better chance at life. Giving nontrads more opportunities to enter into college and earn a degree will make the nation more educated, and give people more opportunities to make a difference in their lives.