Setting Examples: A Brighter Future of Police Officers

Over the past several years, several traumatizing and controversial events have taken place involving the actions of police officers around the nation. Because of this, the nation is beginning to rally under the assumption that a police force is dangerous, and should not be used, because those that enlist as police officers are biased and unable to serve the law. These abuses of their authority have brought police officers a bad reputation, and as the tensions rise between the citizens of the United States, and the police officers that are obliged with protecting them, a dark future lies ahead if changes are not made.

Fortunately, while there are “bad cops” isolated around the police departments of the nation, many of them also have good hearts, and are fighting to make citizens understand that good hearts make great police officers. The media has a knack for emphasizing the few bad things that happen involving decisions of police officers, while leaving their good deeds and heroic achievements in the gravel, never to be seen or understood by the population. Saving people from fires, death, starvation, and protecting those who do not have the strength to be protected are what most of the police officers in the nation do, and these events should be highlighted.

A former police officer, Marc Blazejowski, is just one of the many officers that are fighting to make a difference for their communities. Although no longer servicing, he continues to protect his city of Bristol by getting the education needed to provide social work to troubled youth in his neighborhood that need the care and attention. With leaders like these men, the police forces around America will be given the chance to gain the support of their citizens, in order to work together and make the communities a safer place to live.